Top 10 New Release Playstation 4: Best PS4 Exclusive Games 2021

Top 10 New Release Playstation 4: Best PS4 Exclusive Games 2021

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Several people in the world have a playstation 4 (PS4). Who does not know, the proprietors of PS4 will be happy, because this time all people who have PS4 will get an opportunity to enjoy an exciting adventure. This article will be shared about best PS4 exclusive games. 

You must know that the cultivation of PS4 works hard as best they can. The cultivation of PS4 has also been spent at a lot of cost. Therefore, you will be happy people, when you can get the exclusive games PS4 2021. 

The exclusive games PS4 will be gems in the PS4 circle. It’s impressive, in exclusive games showing more adventure and action stories. So, this time you can think about what exclusive game will be playing. 

Maybe, in this article which shows the list of best exclusive games PS4 you will not be confused with choosing one or more, the exclusive games PS4 to be played. The title of exclusive game PS4 this interesting one will be the one you choose to play.

This article, we present the top 10 best exclusive games for PS4 in 2021. You can stay tuned in here now. Do not be late get more information about PlayStation 4 from now. 


When you come and see the best PS4 exclusive games 2021 as the top of PS4 only the console stack. This exclusive game PS4 launching is a sales strategy in generation to surpass competitors. 

The launching of exclusive games PS4, there are many interested fans to trial all exclusive games PS4. In the PS4 exclusive games, many adventures and actions are suspenseful. Not only that, in PlayStation 4 games there is a significant increase from the texture of the game. 

Therefore, do not be late to trying exclusive games now. When you play PlayStation 4 exclusive games you can feel better. In here has a list of the best exclusive games PS4 2021, as follow as: 

1. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End 


Uncharted 4 is an adventure and exploration game. The protagonist character, scenario interaction, and narrative game are significantly different then past. In Uncharted 4 increased. 

This game will be so interesting when you play it. You can control the characteristic Nathan Drake fully and will help the relatives to search for treasures. 

The developer of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End explained that this game has a high level to play and you can feel it when you play this game. 

2. Until Dawn 


Until dawn is one of the best exclusive games in 2021, when you play it you will be happy. This game comes with good concepts, like synermetric and open narrative. This game until dawn is about horror survival. 

In this game, have a simple concept theme. Until dawn invites You to survive in the chain killer area. You can imagine strain conditions until dawn. Even, this game can be applied in playstation VR. You can handle the strain of playing it.

3. Gran Turismo Sport 


Gran turismo sport is a new game changing (Franchise car game) in the past. When You play this best ps4 racing game, You will not be disappointed. Gran turismo sport focussed on racing experience, not focus on car customized and car modified. 

Gran turismo sport has two modes, as follows as arcade mode and sport mode. You must know, gran turismo sport  will make money, if you follow championship and you get a winners position. So, do not be late to play it. 

4. Death Stranding (PC) 


Death stranding, You can play this with a PC. This game can be divisive when played at free time. While playing it, You will feel like there’s something wrong with it. It’s a lot of weird stuff, but You pretend You don’t know it.

For You, do not be late to play death stranding. Death stranding packed all-star absolutely characteristic here. So, You can imagine the fun of playing this game. You must know this, PlayStation provides 2 types, it’s Pro and Slim. 

5. The Last Guardian


The last guardian is one of the best PS4 exclusive games. The last guardian has a similarity with “Journey.” In the last guardian, does not give a clear picture of the main character in the game. But, here just give a description about a protagonist who has a relationship with Trico. 

When you play it, you must focus on Trico and the protagonist. You can see the strain of adventures in game. This game is suitable for artistic enthusiasts. 

6. Marvel’s Spider Man 


Marvel’s spider man has the best graphic on ps4. Maybe in PS4 exclusive games, You will see the spiderman action jumping from one building to another. Here, the spiderman fans can explore the events that have occurred.  

There is something interesting in marvel’s spider man. What is that? Superhero games have a main missions and sidequest (item, collection, and uniforms). So, marvel fans do not be late to play it with your friends. 

7. God Of War 


God of war is a surprise gift from PS4. When all people think Spartan died and lost, now Spartan comeback again (like father). Spartan trials to pretend the past are violent. So, what do You think about this game? Do you need to play PS4 exclusive games?

The background god of war is Norse mythology.  Now, god of war comeback gives You with a new mechanism. The fight system in god of war is better and perfect for you.

8. Bloodborne 


The PS4 exclusive games are bloodborne. You must try this game in 2021. This game has concept mechanic games. Bloodborne is a challenging game. You must know, bloodborne games are not easy to play.  So, You must have skills. 

You can imagine yourself in a bloodborne game, You get past the opponent, fight with them, and have to take a risk. The scent of a fierce fight carried on in real life. Wow, this game is so amazing. 

9. Horizon: Zero Down 


Horizon: Zero Down, best PS4 exclusive games. The protagonist in horizon: zero down has a strong, deep, and complex characteristic. Not only that, this game has a good narrative. So, no wonder if the horizon: zero down gets more honour. 

Horizon: zero down it is suitable to science fiction fans. Not only that, this game is suitable for futuristic action fans. Enjoy the challenges in the game right now! Don’t be late in 2021. 

10. Knack 2 


You must ignore the memes or jokes if you heard in knack 2. This game, knack 2 has a friendly and family concept. Knack 2 is one of the best PS4 exclusive games. You can try this game now to spend time. 

Enjoy the contrast between family and friends when playing a game knack 2. Get a thrilling action when you play this game. Do not forget to prepare some snacks as supplements. Do not be late to get a better feel when you finish playing PS4. 


Which console has the best exclusive games? The best console that is so obvious is PlayStation 4 (PS4). PlayStation 4 has an amazing graphic for the price. Used PlayStation 4 will never let You down. So, now You need to consider the purchase of PlayStation 4. 

Why must you consider it? Because, PlayStation 4 used advanced technology. Before that, You must know lest PS4 has 2 variants, as follows as PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation 4 Slim. Every variant has an advantage and disadvantage. You can choose one, suitable with your needs.

But, for your information console which has a high quality resolution is PlayStation 4 Pro. Are you confused about choosing between PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation 4 Slim? Enjoy it, you can choose suitable for your needs and budget. 

Playstation 4 has more diverse games. The PlayStation 4 exclusive game has a cheap price up to an expensive price. You can get exclusive games on PlayStation 4, it is good to play online or online storage. In this period, PlayStation 4 gave all people attractive offers. 

Do you know the exclusive games from PlayStation 4? The Last of Us, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Bloodborne, Uncharted 4, and the new games are Marvel’s Spiderman. Anyway, the best console is PlayStation 4. Guaranteed that people who do not have this console will be jealous.

Do not be late to playing all exclusive games from PlayStation 4. You can get more experience when using PlayStation 4 Pro or Slim. 


Why is PS4 better exclusive? Maybe this question crossed your head. Do not be confused. You must know about the reason PS4 is better exclusive than the others. 

The first reason PS4 is better exclusive, You can see in exclusivity aspect. PlayStation 4 has a variety of games and has high quality. You can see the variety of games, like God of War, Marvel’s Spiderman, Uncharted, etc. The exclusive games offered are very impressive. 

The second reason PS4 is better exclusive, You can see the innovations. PlayStation 4 innovations are additional VR. The VR output from PlayStation 4 sold better in the world market. So amazing when You used PlayStation 4 at this time. 

The third reason PS4 is better exclusive, You can see the price of the product. The price of PlayStation 4 is cheaper than the others. No wonder the PS4 console is selling well in the market.

For these 3 reasons, do you need to use PlayStation 4? It can be seen clearly that the PS4 is superior in many ways. You can see all advantages from PlayStation 4 when you come and use the PS4. Do not be late to use PlayStation 4. 


Buying the PlayStation 4 worth it like you bought in video game store Australia or other country ? All reason explained buying PlayStation 4 now is worth it. You already know the price of PlayStation 4 is cheaper than the others. The quality of PlayStation 4 uses advanced technology, this combination is very complicated. 

The PlayStation 4 gives a selection for buyers to choose between PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation 4 Slim. The two PlayStation types are very excellent and good products. So, from this point of view you must buy PlayStation 4. 

Not only that, buying PlayStation 4 is worth it. Because many exclusive games will be played by user PS4, well online or online storage. The exclusive game is exciting to play in the time spent and more constricted when you play PS4 games. 

More convenience that is in the PlayStation 4. For this time, when you buy PlayStation 4 You can use VR. Why? Because, PlayStation 4 provides VR to complement a game on PS4. 

Wow, You can imagine how fun it is to play using the PlayStation 4 and when you finally buy PlayStation 4 You can feel it is worth to use with couples, families, and friends. So,  do not be late to have a playstation 4. 

Here is a review about PlayStation 4. In this article you can find information about list exclusive games of PlayStation 4. 

Not only that, in this article You can know about the reason You can choose the PlayStation 4 to accompany your days in your spare time. You can play PlayStation 4 with your friends, family, or couples nowadays. 

Make sure you get an original PlayStation 4. Never once in a while buy pirated goods, because the quality of product will be different. The pirated goods are not better to use because goods easily damaged, do you need to suffer big losses from this?

When you finally buy PlayStation 4, You can play games suitable for your needs. You can play exclusive games in your spare time. You can play games when all families get together. You can play games with friends or couples who need time to have fun, but always stay at home. 
You can imagine how fun playing PlayStation 4 with all the people who are special. You can buy PlayStation 4 with a cheap price officially. You can get more information about best PS4 exclusive games only here. Do not be late to get news information from now.

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