Death Stranding Review: Weird But Curious Game

Death Stranding Review: Weird But Curious Game

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11 mins read

Do you know about death stranding? No, do not be late to know about the death stranding review information. So, death stranding is one of PS4 exclusive games in 2021. Death stranding is an action game which can play in PlayStation 4, pro or slim. 

This game is a death stranding PS4 exclusive games created by Hidea Kojima with Kojima production. So, this game is not underestimated. The creator of this game is a phenomenal person in a metal gear solid game. What do You think about this? So, amazing? 

So, from this You can get more information about death stranding as one of best PS4 exclusive games. When You get information about death stranding review, always stay tuned in here, because here there is a lot of information about PS4. 


When You know about the game details, You should know about the fact of death stranding. This is for list the fact of death stranding, as follow as: 

The First Game by Kojima

You must know, this death stranding PS4 exclusive games is the first game from Kojima after it broke with Konami. When Kojima broke with Konami, he announced that Kojima production will be an independent company and has a partner relationship with Sony.  What do You think about this fact? 

Fulfill With Hollywood Actor

Next Death Stranding review you need to know is, that thus game is fulfill with Hollywood actor. To figure the death stranding characteristic, Kojima flirtin several Hollywood actors for this project. Several Hollywood actors contribute motion capture, 3D scan, and voice fillers every characteristic. Norman reedus as Sam Bridges. 

Not only Norman, the Hollywood actor, follows: Mad Mikkelsen, Lea Seydoux, Troy Baker, Margaret Qualley, Tommie Earl J, Lindsay Wagner, and several Hollywood directors take part in the game. It is an amazing game in this world. 

The Good Synopsis 

Our next Death Stranding review is talk about the synopsis of this game. You must know the synopsis of death stranding is weird, but this plot is unexpected and good, even able to make You interested in playing it. So, this game focuses on the background in the US, after an apocalyptic event. 

From this apocalyptic event, a BT or beached thing is appearance. Not only that, death string has a timefall, can make lose all things and humans. Wow, this game makes all players ense. 


This game is open war and more action. Maybe, when You play it uses the multiplayer mode. You as Sam, should increase your skill statistic. Not only fight with BT, but Sam will fight all thieves. 

The Time Released

The game was released on PlayStation 4 in November 2019. Death stranding review its hot games, so do not be late to try this game at this time.

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You must know this game is recommended for 18+ and this rating is in the mature category. You can buy PS4 exclusive games on the PlayStation 4 store official. 


You must know, death stranding review is one game created with weird thinking. But, this weird thinking can make all people curious about this game. Not only that, with the weird thinking death stranding can get more awards. Do You know what deals are in the game? 

When You start death stranding PS4 exclusive games, You will go on fantasy world with best visual graphics. It looks like an amazing and new experience for You. 

So, You will be Sam Porter Bridges a courier. The courier work is not a regular job. In this time, You can get more phenomena. The “Selected person” and have an open minded can explore the world, open. 

You must know that Sam Porter Bridges have many challenges and burdens of life. The burdens of life are complex. Not for a long time, the players got a prologue story, when finally itu You should move Sam and follow him to work. 

This fantasy world has more mystery. Indeed, nature is found a lot but on the way did not meet passer-by at all. Why? Because, the fantasy world created by the US is not openly habitable and this makes all people hiding underground. 

Why not habitable? Because timefall can make objects obsolete quickly, example is human. Wow, it’s such a crazy game. Plus BT always often appears when timefall. One people, becomes an independent person, but he/she always steals cargo from a courier. 

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So, this is a reason to be courier is big work. The story will be development suitable for a mission take. Sam is a courier man and Sam is accredited to be a chiral network man. So, this is a big problem in Sam’s life. 

Are you curious about this game because of death stranding review? You can play this game now. The death stranding is PS4 exclusive games. Do not be late to play it with your family, friend, or couple. 


Do You know DLSS 2.0? DLSS is deep learning super sampling. This technology will increase real time quality.  

DLSS 2.0 has more advantages. DLSS performs well in managing images quickly and DLSS 2.0 performs well in managing images quickly and stably. Not only that, DLSS 2.0 is able to give a high frame rate. DLSS 2.0  adaptable to the game.

Death stranding review is a game with good visuals, before it. The experienced, death stranding has realistic views. This is so amazing. Do You need PS4 exclusive games? You can buy it now. 

With the DLSS 2.0, death stranding has a high performance. The performance will increase about 90%. So, from this do not be late to used PS4 exclusive games.


Now, You must know about the game details of death stranding (PC). Death stranding is an action game PlayStation 4. It was released in 2019, between Sony and PlayStation 4. Some people were interested in this game, because more things in death stranding. 
Release date : 08 November 2019 
ESRB rating : Mature 
Developer : Kojima productions
Genre : Action 
Publisher : Sony interactive entertainment
Released dated : November 08, 2019
Price : $59.03 at official site

– Single-player has an unique concept 
– Has a cool featured 
– The design game is excellent 

– The game is quite slow 
– The goal is stated at the beginning, but at the end it is not clearly drawn



This game reconnect with a featured society as Sam Bridges. Not only that, this game needs You to save all people, because tommorow is in your hands. You can prove this death stranding review. 

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