5 Easy Casino Blackjack Tips and Strategies for Beginner

5 Easy Casino Blackjack Tips and Strategies for Beginner

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5 mins read

Just learning blackjack?

You can greatly improve your chances of winning at blackjack by following a few simple rules of thumb. You will learn some easy casino blackjack tips and strategies in 5 minutes that will already outperform 90% of the players.

People might say, 

If you want to learn the game’s rules first, go over the blackjack rules in detail

That is definitely true. Blackjack can be intimidating for beginners. However, there is a simple blackjack strategy that only requires five rules of thumb. You have memorized them so you’ll be ready at the blackjack table.

Some of these rules may run counter to your instincts. These, on the other hand, have been meticulously calculated mathematically. 

The casino’s house edge would be just 0.7 percent if millions of games of blackjack were played in this manner.

In contrast, the average blackjack player loses 3 to 4% of their total bet. As a result, you will profit from this judi qq blackjack strategy.

Easy Casino Blackjack Tips and Strategies for Beginner

The first card drawn from the bank, the ‘dealer card,’ is crucial to a successful blackjack strategy.

Here are 5 thumb rules in blackjack that you can learn. 

1. Know When You Fit

You pass 12 points or more on Banks 2 to 6

You pass 17 points or more on bank 7 to A

Note: If you have an Ace in your deck that can count for both 1 and 11 points, use rule of thumb 2.

2. When Passing with an Ace? 

You pass a little slower if you have an Ace in your hand that can be counted for 1 or 11 points (soft’ hand):

Pass 18 points or more in Banks 2–6

Pass 19 or more points in Bank 7 to A

Why should you use this blackjack strategy? Consider the following situation:

You have got an ace and a seven, for a total of eight or eighteen points. Normally, you’d get an 18-point pass every time. However, if you have Ace-7, you can purchase a card without risking loss. 

In addition, if you get a ten, you will be back at 18 and will pass. If you are dealt a small card (Ace, 2, or 3), you have a better hand and thus a better chance of winning. It’s quite likely that you’ll get a 10 or a small card: 54 percent of the time.

There isn’t much going on if you get a medium-high card (4-9) because there isn’t much going on. Then you proceed to play according to the first rule of thumb.

3. When Do Double?

If the bank has a 2 to 6 on the scale, you get 9 points

If the bank has 2 to 9 points, you get 10 or 11 points

Casinos around the world use this blackjack strategy. Online casinos (as well as casinos in the United States and Macau) allow you to double your money regardless of how many points you have. 

If that’s the case, you will also get a bonus in the following situations:

If the bank has a 2 to 6 on the board, double if you have an ace-5, ace-6, or ace-7.

4. When You Must Split? 

You should must split when you get this case: 

When you get 4-4, 5-5, 10-10 then you should never split

When 8-8 Ace-Ace you must always Split

When you get 2-2, 3-3, 6-6, 7-7, 9-9 you can only split if the bank has 2 to 6

5. Never Choose Even Money or Insure 

This is the most straightforward rule of thumb. Buying insurance is never a good idea. It makes no difference if you have 19 or 20 points in your hand.

When you have a blackjack and the bank has an Ace, you never choose even money.

What is the reason for this?

Four of the 13 cards dealt to the bank with the Ace are worth ten points: King, Queen, Jack, and 10. As a result, the bank has a 4/13 chance of getting blackjack. That works out to 30.8 percent.

Assume you placed a $10 wager at the start. The insurance will then set you back 5 euros. The insurance pays out 15 euros if the bank has blackjack (2 to 1).

In conclusion, by understanding those easy casino blackjack tips and strategies, you can be a master early. So, do not be lazy to read all texts.


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