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Blackjack Card Counting

Blackjack Card Counting

Blackjack Card Counting – The betting of cards through horseracing, playing the cards in halls, and the reading of books on the subject of cards and palm reading is a long-time tradition.

The games played in halls were not that different from those in casinos-the cards were divided into four suits, spades, diamonds, hearts and clubs, and the player bet on various combinations of these cards.  The highest score was a twenty-one, and the lowest was a nine. 

For the various kinds of cards in a game, the ranks and the hands were ranked according to the difficulty of obtaining the card.  High ranks included spades, diamonds, clubs and the Ace and King.  The King was the highest rank of card until the Seven Million Dollar tournament in the late 1980s.

The Modern Blackjack Card Counting Myth

Many authors have written on the subject of card counting and gambling.  Most of these authors either believe that card counting is cannot be done and cannot be mastered. That the operations are hard to make and therefore only expert gamblers can use them. 

Some of the authorship is unsourced, but some is credible.  A few authors have written extensively on the subject, and they include Bedeau, Foraker, notes, MacNamara, Murphy, and Wheeling.  Wheeling, in particular, is a Gamblers bible for the more advanced gamblers. 

Blackjack Card Counting

The author of the Wheeling card counting system wrote in a recent article that, “Card counting is aStatistical Advantageon the casino, if done correctly.”  Now, if this is really true, then why do so many people fail? 

Why do so many people believe that card counting is silly and cannot be learned or that it only works on the blackjack table where the player is playing against the house?  The beginner must know that the odds against them are enormous when they are playing, and the odds that the counting system will actually be effective at the higher payouts? 

The house always has an advantage, and the counting system only makes it easier for the player to lose.  The only way the player can actually take control over the odds and the probabilities is by learning the game, and for that you already know that card counting is a loser.

Blackjack Variations

The game of blackjack is by far the most accomplish in card counting.  The game can be greatly affected by the dealer’s agen domino qq.  One card short of a full deck can be the reason the game is not over, hence the reason for the game in the first place. 

Many players feel that card counting is only effective when the cards are played out all the time.  Just consider for a moment that there are hundreds of thousands of decks of cards being used in a game, and not one of them has been played out. 

Card counting is then not a viable strategy, because in that case, the dealer would have a higher percentage of getting a blackjack than a losing player.

Blackjack can also be confusing to card counters, because the game played with a single deck of cards is different than the game played with multiple decks.  Some variations of blackjack, such as Easy Over, are not strategies. But rather hurts the player’s odds by helping the dealer to make a natural blackjack. 

Any variations of blackjack, such as Hard Hand, Good Hat, apears, Paradise Riches, and 21st Century, are not strategies, as the goal is not to change the house advantage.  All of these strategies are designed to increase the house advantage, and no matter how hard you try, the house will always win. 

One of the few strategies that can actually help the player is the Hi Lo Card Counting Strategy.  This strategy is designed to help the player turn the tide in the player’s favor.  The player can use the Hi Lo Card Counting Strategy to do a little of the trick by helping to determine when the player has the upper hand, and perhaps beating the dealer. 

This is a difficult strategy to learn and modify, but it can be a valuable tool used during play if learn to use it.  The player must be able to bet only the high cards, in order to have a chance in the high card counting strategy.

The Hi Lo Card Counting Strategy is designed to help a player win money during play, by tracking the ratio of high cards to low cards.  When a high card is obtained, high cards should be averaged against the cards on the table, in order to determine when the deck is rich in high cards. 

When a low card is dealt, low cards should be decreased.  At other times, the cards should be placed in reverse, in that low cards should be increased, and high cards should be decreased.  When a particular card number is observed, this is the number to watch. / Dy

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