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The Indonesian King Of Gambling Donates Prizes For Medical

indonesian gambling king

Gambling in Indonesia is strictly prohibited. Anyone caught playing must face the authorities. However, there is a reliable poker player who is claimed to be the Indonesian king of gambling.

The king of gambling is named John Juanda. He comes from North Sumatra and spends a lot of his time gambling. The game in the gambling world is mostly spent in the field of poker.

In 2014, he won poker gambling at the World Series of Poker (WSOP). He has participated in this event five times, namely in 2002, 2003, 2008, 2011, and 2014.

By participating in this match five times, John Juanda managed to collect as much as 2.3 million US dollars. The money he got was equivalent to Rp. 28 billion. He plays with a technique that is not arbitrary so that he can win.

All of John Juanda’s successes did not come by accident. He knows exactly how to play the game. The question arises how we can be as good as him.

Maybe we feel we have the same poker playing skills, but don’t know where to start.

By participating in tournaments, you can develop a more professional way of playing. So, the dream to become a new John Juanda can be achieved.

Keep in mind that poker games may be classified as gambling, so mature in your attitude and respond more wisely, because there are bad effects that come with it.

Continue with the discussion of Jhon Juanda, whose name has floated in the world of international poker gambling. His career skyrocketed rapidly at the gambling site table. So what’s the next step?

The King of Indonesian Gambling Donates Gambling Prizes for Medical Purposes

John Juanda is a well-known poker gambling player in his ranks. His win at the WSOP shows that the game he does is not just luck alone. Of course you need tactics and strategy.

On one occasion, the man from Medan who was crowned the king of Indonesian gambling had a noble promise. He will donate his gambling money for medical purposes.

During the gambling competition, the prize reached IDR 28 billion. In his first year participating in the tournament, he finished ninth. Four months later, he was able to rank seventh with a prize of 399,600 US dollars.

In addition to the WSOP, the king of Indonesian gambling participated in other tournaments such as the US Poker Championship in Atlantic City. In the competition, John Juanda took second place and received a prize of 150,000 US dollars.

With the results that are very much, it appears his intention to donate to social causes. His desire to provide free medical services from the gambling money he will do when he retires.

Although quite controversial, but his noble intentions deserve thumbs up to help social and humanitarian actions. For him, by helping others will save humans.

The Beginning of the Indonesian Gambling King Playing Poker

Indonesian king of gambling

John Juanda is an Indonesian native who was born in Medan. When he took his master’s degree, he chose Seattle University as his campus. While in America, he began to get to know online poker gambling.

When there is free time, John Juanda fills his time by going to the casino. The casino he went to was also not far from his campus. He started college in 1996. Three years after he went to college, in 1999 to be precise, he entered the WSOP competition.

It was the first poker competition he participated in. Although it was the first time, he was able to occupy the ninth position. The prize he received was money with a nominal value of 1,500 US dollars.

Since then he began to pursue the world of poker gambling and learn the tricks in it. The biggest prize that was obtained by this Indonesian gambling king was as much as Rp. 19 billion. He got this prize when he played in the 2008 WSOP competition.

Thanks to this skill, he is quite respected in the world of poker gambling. Unmitigated, he got that much prize overnight. Of course many other professional gamblers envied him. Maybe you too.

One of the tips shared by him is when playing gambling he avoids alcohol. For him alcohol will reduce his concentration. This experience was also obtained from his father.

From here we can see, focus and discipline are the guidelines for great players. The same thing was also expressed by the Garuda Game, as one of the online gaming sites. They argue that a person’s level of success is determined by how diligently he is in his profession.

Even on his website, he does not hesitate to provide very informative tutorials on how to play poker . The hope is that all who enter the competition will have an equal chance of winning.

We return to the story of John Juanda, who is actually the father of this Indonesian gambling king who is also a gambler. But his fate was different from his because he went bankrupt and lost. The thing that makes you lose, of course, is alcohol. When playing gambling, alcohol will make a person drunk and lose consciousness so it is easy to be tricked by the enemy.

With his reputation in making contributions to the medical world, gambling does not necessarily make gambling something to be imitated. However, gambling should not be played, especially in Indonesia.

Another Gambling King Who Becomes a Fugitive by the FBI

If John Juanda is the king of Indonesian gambling who has a noble intention to donate the prize, it is different from Paul Phua. This gambling king from Kalimantan has become a fugitive from the FBI or the Federal Bureau of Investigation .

This is because Paul Phua has a number of problems in the gambling world. Although he lives in Kalimantan, he is actually a Malaysian national. He dominates the world of gambling in various countries, for example in Hong Kong, Las Vegas, and Melbourne.

His career in the world of gambling began when he became a casino operator in Macau. That’s when he became interested in the world of gambling. His gambling journey has even reached many countries. So his name is also widely known by professional gambling players.

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In 2014, he became a fugitive from the FBI. Then he was arrested along with seven other people. He was tried because he was considered to be doing illegal business in betting on the 2014 world cup gambling. But later he was released due to lack of evidence.

From this case, we can take an interpretation, that there needs to be strict supervision and international standards for all world gambling activities, both offline and online.

This really needs to be done as a security system for both parties, between the players and the organizers. This level of security is stated in a written agreement in the form of an official license certificate, as explained by an official of Slot95 site to me some time ago.

That way, all the data obtained from both parties can be confirmed to be true. Without any mutual suspicion, so believe all games run Fairplay.

Wow, the lives of each of these gambling kings are really different. However, playing gambling is not allowed and certainly detrimental, right?

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