Exciting Hong Kong Tourism

Exciting Hong Kong Tourism that is Antimainstream

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3 mins read

Traveling to Hong Kong will certainly be very enjoyable by enjoying the glitter of its very magnificent city. You will find lots of shopping centers to complete playgrounds and entertainment. However, it turns out that there is an exciting Hong Kong tourism that is anti-mainstream and not widely known by various groups.

With several choices of exciting tourist locations, it will certainly make the holiday even more enjoyable, right?

These various exciting Hong Kong tourism will certainly impress you with the panoramic views available in them. There are several recommendations for places that you can choose, you know. In supertogel you can explore the following 2 places.

Tian Tan Buddha, a Cool Hong Kong Tourist Spot

exciting Hong Kong tourism
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One of these exciting Hong Kong tourism is the Tian Tan Buddha. This place is a favorite place to visit. This tourist destination in the form of a giant bronze statue is perfect to visit.

The height is 34 meters, which must be very cool, right? This building was completed on 29 December 1993. The location of Tian Tan Buddha is Lantau Island.

To reach it, you can use the cable car which offers very beautiful views, you know.

Exciting Tourist Attractions in Ngong Ping 360

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One of the exciting Hong Kong tourism attractions that must be visited is Ngong Ping 360. This place offers a lot of fun. You can see the view from above, you know.

Tour by cable car which is said to be the best cable car in the world, you know. This 5.7 km long gondola provides a pleasant experience on a tour.

As explained above, from the top of Ngong Ping 360, you can see a giant Buddha statue, the Tian Tan Buddha. This exciting Hong Kong tourism spot can also make you enjoy a variety of beautiful views from above. There are two cable car options available here, there is a regular cable car and a glass floor.

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If you choose the glass floor ropeway, you can see the bottom corner and it will certainly make your adrenaline more adrenaline. Visiting this place will certainly make your vacation experience in Hong Kong even more enjoyable.

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