Reactoonz Game Casino Free Slot Review [4 Useful Things]

Reactoonz Game Casino Free Slot

Reactoonz Game Casino Free Slot

Reactoonz game casino free slot, a Play ‘n Go online slot, is a popular choice among players. Is that correct? This slot review will tell you everything you need to know about Reactoonz.

Reactoonz, a game developed by Play ‘n Go, is not for everyone. This alien-themed slot appeals to some gamers. Others, on the other hand, discard this slot after just one try.

Is it possible? For this slot review, we put it to the test and discovered two startling – and very different – sides of Reactoonz.

Reactoonz Game Casino Free Slot Review

1. How Does Reactoonz Work?

There are no reels or paylines in the Reactoonz slot. Instead, a 7×7 enclosure is filled with alien-like figurines. 

You receive a prize if five or more of the same aliens form a cluster, touching each other horizontally or vertically. 

Therefore, you might be familiar with the cluster principle from games like Aloha or Tiki Fruits.

The clusters vanish, and new aliens appear in their place, capable of forming clusters as well, and so on.

The larger the cluster, the more expensive it is. The one-eyed aliens are worth less, whereas the two-eyed aliens are worth more. 

Your payout is doubled if you form a cluster of four aliens in a square. 

If you don’t win a prize during a spin, a few aliens will occasionally transform into Wilds (jokers) at the end of the spin, allowing you to win something.

2. Reactoonz 1000 Spins

We always play 1000 spins with real money for slot evaluations, in this instance $0.20 each spin.

This is especially crucial on the Reactoonz slot, because we have the feeling that in fun mode, this slot sends out higher payouts more frequently (especially because you get the Instability more often).

During the Reactoonz review, it turns out to be a very capricious slot. 

You can easily spin 50 or even 100 spins without anything special happening and then your playing credit will shrink quickly, because the regular prizes are small: a cluster of 5 aliens sometimes only yields 2 or 3 cents.

But then suddenly you get a blood-curdling series of features and you sit with clenched fists to see if the energy meter fills up enough to get the Gargantoon.

That is actually the core of the Reactoonz slot: sometimes it only takes a small push to trigger a waterfall of combinations and prizes. 

In addition, seeing the aliens fall into place keeps you on the edge of your seat every time.

3. Payout Percentage 

The theoretical payout percentage (RTP) of the online slot Reactoonz from Play ‘n Go is 96.00% at best. That is a reasonable RTP and only a fraction lower than, for example, Starburst (96.1%).

But beware: this slot can have different RTPs at different online casinos . There is even a version with an RTP of only 84.51%.

Always check the game instructions before you start playing. 

There you will find the payout percentage. If that is lower than 96.00%, choose another casino to play Reactoonz instead.

4. Conclusion

Reactoonz is an extreme slot. You have a chance to win extremely large prizes, but your money also leaks away extremely quickly if you are not lucky for a while.

The funny thing is that, despite his big loss, we were not turned off by Reactoonz after the review. 

The game is incredibly well put together and because of the chain reactions you often have a really exciting spin that lasts a long time, even if the final win is a bit disappointing. You can do judi online in the right place to get comfortable playing.

Our advice: try Reactoonz Game Casino Free Slot with a low bet and give the game a fair chance, because you only get to know this slot well after a while. Good luck!

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