God Of War Review: The Epic Game

God Of War Review: The Epic Game

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This article will give information about God of war review. Several people know about this game. For gamers, God of War must have known this in the period of adolescence PlayStation 2. Now, God of war comes back again in PlayStation 4. God of war became one of best PS4 exclusive games. 

The god of war has an action adventure genre that will shake the console world. Wait for it, god of war in PS4 exclusive games has a new story and is different than before. So, You will be surprised with the all plot and image of god of war. 

So, this article explain about all things in God of war. Always stay tuned in here, to get more information about PS4 exclusive games. Take a look at this God of War review:


From god of war review, you need to understand this game is PS4 exclusive games. You can know from the epic adventure between father and son, You can look in this game. 

When You start the game, You will be a player brought directly in a sad story. The sad moment is Kratos and his son, Atreus lost a woman who was loved by both men. 

Before die Faye (the woman who has love from Kratos and Atreus) ordered to sprinkle the ashes of his remains in Norse. This order looks difficult, because going to Norse more challenges and problems. Moreover, Atreus is a child. What’s a child ready to Norse? 

But, Atreus is not ready to go to Nurse. So, Kratos is waiting for his child to be ready.  But, in the end, there is a mysterious man in Kratos house. With the goals of looking for someone and looking for information about Kratos. 

This battle reminds Kratos to start the journey to Norse. Kratos considers this to be an exercise of his son in living a life. So, what do You think about this? You can see the next plot in PS4 exclusive games. 

The interesting thing in this game is the interaction of Kratos and his son. A lot of life learning in this game, that’s what the developer wants to say.  So, from the god of war review, You interested with this game? Play and enjoy it. 


Next God of War review is about this game’s unique system. In this god of war reeview game, PS4 exclusive games Kratos and Atreus visit the Brother dwarf, Brock and Sindri. Here, You can upgrade the major weapon. Even, You can make new armour and make it stronger than before. To make it, You must pay for it. 

For your information, You do not panic when you need Brock and Sindri, because two people are always in an unexpected place. So, always enjoy it when You play the game. Do not be late to play best PS4 exclusive games when You have spare time from now. 

Not only that, You can get more information about Norse world from Brock and Sindri. You can get more experience from two brothers. 

Here, You can find several parts and special items to open a case and You can finish several side quests. 

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With your strong desire to finish all side quests and need to explore all games, You can get an armour (special) full with better Leviathan Axe than the original version. 

Do not be late to playing PS4 exclusive games. You can get it now on the official site. 


What do You think about this? These good visual and sound is our next talk about God of War review here. These things can pamper all people who are playing with it. It’s surprising all Players god of war.

No words can be expressed anymore.  All visuals are better than before. You can play this game in PlayStation 4 with full HD without using the HDR feature.

Oh You must know about the panorama in every way, has a difference and has a unique characteristic. 

As part of God of War review, you need ti know about what writers do about the display. The writers of god of war, only display specific places when You start playing the game.  But, when You play this You can get more experienced and You can apply the experience in real life now. So, You must be stalking about the god of war starting from now. 

In this game, the best part is the composer. The composer from Bear McCreary with epic sound. Wow, with this composer You can hear the sadness of Kratos and Atreus in all ways. The relationship between father and son, will be strengthened every way. 

There can be no doubt, god of war is the best game. The combination You can feel in this game are solid, cool, beautiful visuals, and music to match. You can find unexpected things, moments of sadness and happiness. 

Not only learning about life, the writer gives information about Norse mythology.  You can think, the god of war plot is so brilliant. More people in the world know the Norse mythology from comics. But, You can learn about Norse mythology from PlayStation exclusive games. 

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So, God of War has the best gameplay at this time. So, after you rad about God of War review, do not be late to playing in this game. 

When You need some other game, You can play more PlayStation 4 exclusive games. You can see the games which has interested for You. In the exclusive game, You can see more genre games. Not only god of war.  You can play PS4 exclusive games like bloodborne, knack 2, etc. 


Before knowing about god of war more deeply, You must know about the game details. Because, when You know You can get more information about PS4 exclusive games and You can share this information to your friends. 
Developer : Santa Monica Studio 
Publisher : Sony Interactive Entertainment
Director : Cory Barlog
Platform : PlayStation 4 
Released : April 20, 2018 
Genre : Action, Adventure, and hack slash
Mode : Single player 
Price : $19.99 at Amazon 

– The combat is excellent 
– The visual is good 
– Can explore the world enjoyable 
– Has a extra content after storyline

– The attitude of Kratos son is half-way 
– Odin ravens 



Kratos as man outside the shadow of Gods, must adapt in unfamiliar lands. Not only that, Kratos being a fathers and together with his son. This game really good and You can get your best experienced from read god of war review with play this game.


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