Horizon Zero Down Review: The Best RPG

Horizon Zero Down Review: The Best RPG

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12 mins read

Horizon zero down review give You information about the RPG games. Firstly for You, the horizon zero down most used with the platform PS4 exclusive games. You can try it now. 

What do You think about seeing the title of  games “Horizon: Zero Down”? You can get the main image of the horizon: zero down is RPG games, but do You ever know about the game deeply? You can get more information in here about the best PS4 exclusive games

Now, this article will explain the horizon: zero down more deeply and You can share this information for your friends. 


For your information, You must know horizon zero down review. This game is one of the best selling games in the RPG genre. 

The game was released on February, 2018 has many fans. This game tells stories about the Aloy hunters and archers who live in the machine world. 

This game, the players used spears, long-range weapons, and stealth tactics to combat robots and all machines. You can imagine how difficult it is for Aloy to live in a machine world. 

From this, horizon zero down review gets more selling. The horizon: zero down, get a selling around 7,6 million copies. This game is so interesting to more people now. 

Not only that, horizon: zero dawn got more awards like “Best original game” in 2015 and 2016. This looks amazing for all players on horizon: zero dawn.  

This game was accepted by many people and got positive criticism. This award can be gotten now because of support from all friends and team.

From horizon zero down review the combination of this game has a beautiful storyline, strong characteristics, and mechanical gameplay. It’s good and better than before. So, You can be proud when playing this game in your spare time. 


Any reason to choose this game, as follow as: 

Time Background 

Have you previously thought about what will happen in the next 50 years? Maybe, You can imagine this. 

In this PS4 exclusive games it could be that you get the right answer to a question that has been presented before. In this game, you will see the extinction of humans and humans go back to prehistoric times. 

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The storyline in the game is pretty cool. Horizon Zero Down is not a game that promises to hunt dinosaur robots. What do You think about this? You can play PS4 exclusive games now. 


Aloy is the female protagonist in the game. She was part of the “Nora” clan, but was not recognized. Aloy doesn’t have a ready-anyone, except Rost. Rost became a parent to Aloy. 

Here the image of Aloy looks very strong and unyielding in living life. That’s the right reason, why you have to play this game. You can play PS4 exclusive games with buy on the official site. Do not be late to play it. Have fun when you play it. Come on playing it with your friend. 


Horizon game carries an RPG theme, so it’s no wonder that this game is equipped with a skills tree. The PS4 exclusive games are amazing and cool. This skills tree divides by 3 which affect the playing style of the player. 

The skill tree follows; prowler, braver, and forager. With these skills, You can open a new power for combat. 

Hunting and Rafting 

Another element  in the gameplay will be hunting and crafting. Hunting aims to collect a variety of resources that will later be used as material for the process of crafting or making weapons, traps, upgrade gear and others.

Resources come from several different sources. From mechanical beasts, real animals, to those from dinosaur robots. 

In addition to serving as material for Crafting and also upgrading gear, resources are also useful as a source of currency or economy. Later there will also be an element of challenge,

Where the players are challenged to hunt down and collect certain objects, which in the future if the player successfully completes all, will get a reward.

Variety of Enemy 

There are many variations of enemies in the game. Starting from mechanical beasts, humans, and robot dinosaurs. The most interesting of all is the mechanical beast.

Each mechanical beast has their own characteristics, players can learn the habits of each mechanical beast, so it will facilitate the hunting process.

You can imagine this enemy? So, creepy. You can feel this enemy when You get PS4 exclusive games. Do not be late to have it. 

Another Activities

In addition, hunting and crafting. Players will be busy with various side activities, such as visiting corrupted zones.

This area will be filled with various beasts that are more ferocious and difficult to conquer than the mechanical beast outside the corrupted zones. 

But corrupted zones promise more XP, so it will speed up the Level up process, complete objectives, and many others.

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Not to mention there are different types of clans, where each clan has their own way of life, technology and beliefs, players can know and learn about each clan.

Players can get quests from every clan they encounter, and there are rewards that await in each quest, whether it’s upgrading weapons, valuable items and many others. 

Based on the large amount of quality content provided by this game, horizon zero down promises tens of hours of playing time, which will surely take a lot of player time.


For the first time, You must know about game details of PS4 exclusive games. The details of the game, as follow as: 
Developer: Guerilla games 
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Director: Mathijs de Jonge
Platform: PlayStation 4 
Genre: Action role playing 
Mode: Single player
Rate: T 
Released date: February 28, 2017 
Price: $19.99 at Amazon

This game invites You to play RPG. If, You like role playing because this horizon zero down review, You can play it. You must try this game. This game is beautiful and amazing. You can see when You entered the game starting from now. You can get this game on the official site. 

– Has eye candy graphic 
– The gameplay is important 
– The atmosphere feel best 

– Waypoint system 
– Stealth can be shallow 



You can take a role of skilled hunter, Aloy. You can explore a vibrant and lush world inhabited with mysterious mechanized. Do You need to know more PS4 exclusive games? From this article horizon zero down review, You can get it now and play it. 

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