How To Calculate Roulette Numbers Strategy To Win

How to Calculate Roulette Numbers Strategy to Win

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How to calculate roulette numbers strategy to win. Of course, all of you Indonesian bettors who like online Roulette games definitely know the martingale technique. However, from today’s development, there is a newer way of calculating and the success rate is almost the same as the martingale level.

All gamblers must play not wanting to be careless, all of them want to give the best they have, for example, they can use instinct, or use their own counting techniques in their own logic.

How to Calculate Martingale Roulette Numbers

With this technique, it’s a good idea in your online roulette game to use a bet that is worth 50: 50. Why is that? Because by using this bet, you will get more efficient profits. Here agen judi togel will remind you how to play using this technique:

How To Calculate Roulette Numbers Strategy To Win
agen judi togel

In this round, look for the bet value with a 50:50 win, for example, Red – Black, 1 to 18, 19 to 36 and also Odd – Even. Then how to apply it? Example: You decide to place 1 to 18 and place your bet with a nominal value of 50 coins or credit which means IDR 50,000.

But here you are unlucky and the result is 19 to 36. Here you don’t break up first and do the next thing by betting on 1 to 18 again with a value of 100 or IDR 100,000 (2x the Initial Capital). And once again, the result is 19 to 36, so here you experience a loss of 150 coins or Rp. 150,000.

And you do it again, which is to bet 200 coins on 1 to 18 again and now the result is that you win means you get 400 coins which means Rp. 400,000 right? Let’s count here, you lose 50 + 100 + 150 = 350 coins.

How to Count Roulette Numbers Strategies Latest Techniques to Count

Pay attention to the picture above that we provide, Bettors. Up there is a roulette circle which we have divided into 4 parts so now you have 4 parts to bet on and you analyze so that you can win big in this online roulette game.

Parts 1 and 2 have been divided into 18 numbers
We have divided parts 2 and 3 into 18 numbers
We have divided parts 3 and 4 into 18 numbers
 We have divided parts 4 and 1 into 18 numbers

The way to apply this new formula is:

For example, now that you have chosen between columns 1 and 2, then you have to bet on those 18 numbers with a nominal value of for example 5 coins or Rp. 5,000, then the capital you spend is 90 coins or Rp. 90,000. And one of the 18 numbers comes out and the result is you win at number 19 (included in column number 2). Here you will take out 5 x 35 = 175 + 5 coins or IDR 180,000 and you will spend 90 coins.

The conclusion is 180 – 90 = 90 coins or the equivalent of IDR 90,000 in your profit. Isn’t it easy to play Roulette Online? If you want to get a bigger profit then bet bigger, Indonesian Bettor. This is an updated technique that is very sure to have a win rate in online roulette games with a percentage of up to 99%. / Dy

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