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In modern life like today, there are several trusted online gambling games list that are very well known and widely played by people in the world. Online games which currently circulating in the community offer various types of games, that can be easily played by people who are spread all over the world. This online gambling game can even connect one player to another, who is in various regions and even different countries. That’s makes the game even more interesting to play. Nowadays, online games are trending in society, including online gambling games, such as: 

trusted online gambling games list

1. Online Casino

Online casinos are one of the trusted online gambling games list can be played via gadgets or online betting. Online casino lovers will be spoiled for a number of games that can definitely challenge your adrenaline, such as: Baccarat, Roulette, Sic Bo and Dragon Tiger.

a. Roulette

Roulette is a casino game from French (means little wheel) that is no less popular in community. In the roulette game, a dealer will rotate the wheel in one direction, then place a ball in the opposite direction on a tilted round surface, so that it spins around the wheel.

b. Baccarat

Baccarat is a type of card game, where players will compare the value of cards owned by the Banker and Player. The purpose of the baccarat game is to guess which two side by mention 9. The way to play this baccarat game itself is actually very easy, because you just have to guess.

c. Dragon Tiger

As the name, Dragon and Tiger, in this game you will choose one of the Dragon or Tiger. Precisely you will determine the largest card value, whether the biggest card is Dragon or Tiger. Many people say that this game is very similar to Baccarat.

More specifically, in this game 2 cards will be pulled and one each is pulled to the Dragon and Tiger. So Dragon got 1 card and so did Tiger.  Then the player only bets which card has the highest possible value. There are also multiple proposition bets on each card.

d. Sic Bo

Beside card games, usually online gambling games also have other types of games such as dice games which are played with three dice. This Sic Bo game can be said to be a game opportunity so even though this game does have opportunities, it is not the same

2. Online Poker

One of the well-known trusted online gambling games list that are most popular and played by the world community is Poker. Online poker is a gambling game using playing cards, which consists of 52 cards. The goal of this game is to get the 5 highest or best card combinations.

3. Domino QQ

Domino QQ is an online gambling game that uses domino cards as the medium. Domino QQ consists of 28 cards, which have dots with the different values. Dominoes are usually played by 2-6 people in each round.

First of all, each player will be dealt four cards, which later must be combined into 2 pairs of cards with the highest value. The player with the highest combination value will later come out as the winner. The card value is obtained from the sum of 2 cards, the value of the card can be seen by only taking the number on the back.

In the first round each player will be given three cards, they can bet on each other or raise the bet, to take the fourth card. One of the players who cannot follow the bet submitted by another player, then he does not have the right to take the fourth card and will be declared defeated.

4. Slot Machine

Slot Machine is a type of online gambling game that uses game machines to play. The game must match the image on the jackpot machine is one example of this slot machine game or slot machine. To be able to win or get the jackpot, you need luck. Actually this game will be very easy, if the player is familiar with all the slot machine options and knows which buttons to use, whether to select a bet value, pay lines, place a bet or activate the slot reels. 

5. Number Games

Number Games or Togel is one of the trusted online gambling games list that is presented live, using an odds payment system. This game is very easy to understand. At every round of the game, you will be pampered by beautiful dancers and the latest hits that will spoil your eyes and ears. 

6. Sportsbook (ball)

This sportsbook is one of the online games list where you can bet on online gambling games with various sports competitions, such as football, basketball, baseball, golf, horse racing, boxing, hockey, golf, boxing, and others. The betting methods available usually vary on the sport and its type of play. The sport that is usually used the most for betting is football because soccer is the most popular sport. 

7. Capsa Susun

Capsa Susun is an online gambling game that is played by arranging cards in three different levels. The card that is placed at the top consists of 3 cards and the other 2 levels consist of 5 cards. The winner of the capsa susun will be determined from the player who gets win from each level of cards. Each level has a different count.

8. Bandar Ceme

Bandar Ceme already sounds familiar to online gambling game players. This game is similar to the Qiu Kick game. The difference is that if Qiu Kick uses 4 cards, this Ceme only uses 2 domino cards. The specialty in this game is that every player will get the opportunity to become a dealer.

This game is played by 2 to 8 players, one of which acts as a dealer. Each player will be given 2 cards. Each player will be given the opportunity to peek at the card, if there is still time left to raise the bet, you can do it as long as you think you have a higher card value than the dealer. When the time runs out, the cards will be opened. If the value of your card is higher than the dealer, then you will come out as the winner.

9. Virtual Sports

Virtual Sports is a game that is played using streaming video with 3D animation technology, which when viewed on the screen looks like real. This game uses a technology system, where players can bet on various types of sports provided.

10. Blackjack

Blackjack is also one of trusted online gambling games list that is very popular and is widely played in various casino online around the world. This card game is very easy to learn and can be found at most online casino sites. This game is played using a deck of cards (consisting of 52 cards) or more, without any joker cards. Blackjack will be distributed by the house dealer (dealer), the objective of this game is to beat the dealer hand (hand) or have a total value of not more than 21. That’s why blackjack is sometimes also referred to as the 21 card game.

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So, those are the ten of trusted online gambling games list that are very popular and in great demand and played by people from all over the world that we can share this time.

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