Knack 2 Review: The Best Game Ever

Knack 2 Review: The Best Game Ever

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11 mins read

Knack 2 review is the sequel of Knack, one of PS4 exclusive games, a game that was developed by Sony on PlayStation 4. The first game Knack was released on 2013rd, but this game was not remembered with good experience by the player.

Maybe it’s because the mechanism of gameplay was not good enough in those years so they got bad feedback from many gaming media. But actually Sony did not stop with that, they were developing the next game Knack 2 four years later.

But the scepticism reaction form people that cannot be avoided, its normal because the first game was not good like they had hoped before. So they doubt whether Knack 2 would be better or not. 

But Sony will not sell it on the market if they are not sure that this game is better than before and with many competitors like a triple A game. 

In the Playstation Experience event in 2016, Sony noticed and showed the sequel series Knack 2 with the same protagonist character, but definitely with more improvisation, different conflict and story and of course adding many futures that are better than the first game. 

So you guys this is some review of Knack 2 that you will know that this game is the best game. You can get best PS4 exclusive games in the official store and when You buy it, You can feel all information from knack 2 review. 


Knack 2 review, looks like the first game Knack is the main character. He is the technology or robot but he has the intelligence like a human. 

Knack lives by collecting relics around him and can be bigger with certain relic capacity, the technology that Dr. Vagas uses. With his partner Lucas and Dr. Vagas and his uncle, Ryder, Knack are the reason why humans still exist from the goblin threat. 

But the threat just does not come from the goblins that have ignorant and low intelligence races that live in the forest. 

Unexpectedly the High Goblin, the other race that still exists but unfortunately unknown by Knack because the High Goblin formerly known has not been seen or  extinct for a long time ago, so the existence of the High Goblin is unpredictable by Knack . 

This High Goblin use “Crystal War”, a machine that has been used as a weapon for war in the past, and they have more fantastic civilization and technology than the human race. 

The reason why the High Goblin attacks the humans is they want to avenge their loss when fighting with humans because of their lack of technology in the past and they want to be a race that dominates the world.

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Like the heroes story, Knack and Lucas appear to be the heroes in this story. They fight against machines and robots made by the High Goblin. But they are not alone this time, some martial artist from human race in the Crystal War – Marius help them on their journey around the world.

So who is the mastermind behind the attack of the High Goblin on human existence and how does Knack and his friend save the world from this? If you wanna save the world with Knack you must play this game on PlayStation 4, because this game is one of PS4 exclusive games.


Knack 2 Review

Knack 2 as the next game of the first Knack, certainly brings a lot of changes. From previous experience that wasn’t good enough, Sony offers knack 2 sequels better than ever. 

In terms of the environment of the game Knack 2 offers many different places and conditions ranging from forests, snow, in buildings with ancient textures, to in urban areas and on top of robots. 

The gameplay also has many additions such as more realistic lighting, the addition of skilltree features, fragments of broken and composed particles that already look realistic showing the capabilities of the PS4.

From this, You need to get knack 2 game. You can get more PS4 exclusive games in the official store. Do not be late to get it, play it, and feel the knack 2 review. 

The Perfect Mechanics

You should know that the advantages of this game are more perfect mechanics. The mechanics of this game are more perfect than the previous game creation. So, You can get this game now. Because, this PS4 exclusive games. You can play it and enjoy it. 

More Interesting Puzzles 

Why Do You most Play PS4 exclusive games? Because in this game you will find an interesting puzzle. You’ll find small pieces that have to be used as a puzzle. From knack 2 review, You know about the surplus of knack 2. 

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Powerful Sensations

In this game, You can have fun with powerful senses. You can feel it when You play PS4 exclusive games. Do not be late, to get this advantage now. 

Level Be Better

In the game, you can call it a level. In knack 2 there are different levels. Each level in PS4 exclusive games has its own differences. Each level will have difficulty completing the level. 


Knack 2 is an action-platform game on PS4. This is the detail of the game, as follow as: 
Developer: Japan Studi
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Director: Mark Cerny, Takamitsu Iijima
Platform: PlayStation 4
Genre: Action, platformer 
Mode: Singleplayer, Multiplayer 
Rate: T
Released dated: September 5, 2017  
Price: $19.92 at Amazon 

So you guys actually cannot see the game truly by rating because every person has a different taste about their game they like. 

But this Knack 2 got more good feedback from gaming media than the game before. So the hope is Knack 2 has a chance to be enjoyable for you and you will know Knack 2 is the best PS4 exclusive game.

– Simple game
– Look lovely 
– Clear improvement 

– Too easy 
– Knack voice is weird



Knack 2 is a fun action game in PlayStation 4. Now, knack 2 has an experienced new move, improved couch co-op, and vibrant enviroment.
You have an interest in PS4 exclusive games?  Do not be late to play it. You can play it and feel the all information from knack 2 review.

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